Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 & 2013


Why Microsoft Sharepoint?

SharePoint is an enterprise tool with a lot of capabilities, designed with security in mind. SharePoint is a leading tool used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies to develop their online and offline capabilities. SharePoint is an industry leading platform for intranets, secure document management, collaboration, and much more. More importantly, today SharePoint is not just for larger corporations; small companies can benefit from the utilization of SharePoint as well.

Adopting The Right Strategy

With UltronIT team with years of experience working on your side you can make your customers remember the unique experience that you create with these core Microsoft Sharepoint 2016 / 2013 Enterprise capabilities:

  • Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with SharePoint products help by giving you tools to organize and manage content throughout the content life cycle, from creation to archive. SharePoint ECM integrates the familiar tools of the Microsoft Office system with the central management and collaboration features of SharePoint products and technologies

    • Document Management
    • Digital Media Management
    • Records Management
    • Web Content Management

  • Issue Tracking

    ssue Tracking is a tool designed using the 2013 Forms tool and is useful for managing all phases of issue reporting and response tracking. Users can create reports, assign ownership, and track status over time.

  • Project Management

    Project Server is built on Microsoft SharePoint Server, bringing together powerful business collaboration platform services with structured execution capabilities to provide flexible work management solutions. Microsoft PPM Solution helps organizations accomplish the following business imperatives: Schedule Management, Resource Management, Time & Task Management, Financial/Cost Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Demand Management, Portfolio Analysis & Selection, Issue & Risk Management, Team Collaboration on Project artefacts such documents, actions etc.

  • Social Networking,Organization

    Office 365 includes two options for enterprise social features: Yammer and the SharePoint Newsfeed. Yammer is a private, secure social network for your organization that will allow people to collaborate securely across departments and geographies. It’s designed to inspire company-wide knowledge exchange and to increase team efficiency. Only people with a verified company email address can join your company network.

  • Benefits

    Organizations need to increase their competitiveness, which implies the need to promote innovation, improve productivity and reduce costs. Improve and promote cooperation between members of an organization plays an essential role in business as it is shown that a good teamwork directly improves productivity and innovation.

  • Document Management,Business Automation

    SharePoint workflows are pre-programmed mini-applications that streamline and automate a wide variety of business processes. Workflows can range from collecting signatures, feedback, or approvals for a plan or document, to tracking the current status of a routine procedure.

  • BI Capabilities

    Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SharePoint 2013 are vast and in many cases are achieved with a combination of SharePoint and Microsoft Office or SharePoint and SQL Server’s capabilities. SharePoint 2013 provides a Business Intelligence Center site that enables your organization to centrally store and manage data connections, reports, scorecards, dashboards, Apps and Web Part pages. Microsoft has worked to enhance “self-service” BI (SSBI). The goal of SSBI is to empower analysts so that they can design, customize, and maintain their own BI solutions.

  • Integrate With CRM

    With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can use the document management capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint from within Dynamics CRM. You can store and manage documents in the context of a Dynamics CRM record on a SharePoint Server, and leverage the SharePoint infrastructure to share, manage, and collaborate efficiently.

  • Improve Competitiveness

    Regardless of the location of users, SharePoint facilitates efficient knowledge management of the company and simplifies how people work together, find and share information, allowing innovation, make better decisions and simultaneously retain the knowledge of the company. Therefore, in this way it helps to increase business productivity, save costs and even to improve customer service, resulting in a direct impact on the success of the company

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